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Why Apartments

Why are more and more people choosing to choose an apartment over the regular hotel room when visiting not only Dublin but all around the world?. 


The Answer is simple.

For one you get the keys to your place, the entire place and share with no one. But there are more reasons, here are just a few.

1. More space for less cost.

2. No sneaky extra charges.

3. You get cooking facilities which is handy for preparing snacks and can save you money.

4. Apartments are always more relaxing.

5. Many come with special "owner touches" that equals come nice unusual decor.

6. Complimentary Internet.

7. Extra Privacy.

8. Complimentary late check-out / Early check-in (where possible).

9. Ideal for large families or groups of friends.

10. Many more home comforts.



Apartments cost up to 30% less than a typical Dublin hotel room, and you don't get any of the above.


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