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The Dublin Bike

The best way to get around Dublin city centre is by using the  “Dublin Bike” introduced in 2009. For short journeys there

is no better way and Dubliners and tourists alike are quickly realising this .

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Since starting operation the take up of annual accounts by locals and 3 day tickets by tourists is amazing and has even

shocked the operators who thought 30 bikes at each location would be sufficient. Already there are people sitting at the

more popular locations waiting for a bike to be returned.

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The system works perfectly and is easy to use with simple to follow instructions even for the slowest of learners. All you need is a credit card to guarantee the security deposit of Euro 150.00 (this is NOT charged to your card unless you loose the bike)

The rates are quite reasonable, the three day ticket starts at 50 euro cents for 1st hour and and a little more for additional hours after that, the annual ticket is just €10 per annum and works even easier with a swipe of a card, no keying in numbers like with the 3 day tickets.

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When you return the bike to any location you hear an audio signal (2 beeps) and the  green indicator light will confirm you have successfully locked it into the stand. In the event of any problems, help is at hand as you can call the help centre on 1850 777 070.  You can return your bikes 24/7 but can only rent them until 00.30pm.

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The stands used are specially designed solely for the purpose of securing them to avoid theft and so far the Dublin crook has not found a away around the system.

Dublin now joins the list of cities offering this great service along with Paris which was one of the first and London as late as August 2010 (Dublin beat them by a few months) to have its own bike sharing scheme, Others include Vienna, Brussels and Seville.


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Amsterdam did start a similar scheme a few years back of course ahead of the rest of the world but it did not really take off and was abandoned after a year or so.


List of Dublin stations - There are locations all over the city ,

Blessington Street**

High Street**

Bolton Street

James Street East

Cathal Brugha Street

Jervis Street**

Charlemont Place

Leinster Street South

Chatham Street

Merrion Square East

Christchurch Place

Merrion Square West**

Custom House**

Molesworth Street

Custom House Quay

Mountjoy Square West

Dame Street**

Ormond Quay Upper**

Earlsfort Terrace

Parnell Street

Eccles Street

Parnell Square North**

Exchequer Street

Pearse Street**

Fitzwilliam Square West

Princes Street / O'Connell Street**

Fownes Street Upper

Portobello Harbour

Georges Quay

St. Stephen's Green East**

Golden Lane

St. Stephen's Green South**

Grantham Street**


Greek Street

Talbot Street

Hardwicke Street

Townsend Street

Herbert Place

Wilton Terrace**

 **Stations with credit card terminals

Map of Locations around the city

Dublin Bikes


Some Advice on Dublin Biles

1.Check the saddle and make sure it is to waist level; you should be able to put your feet on the ground.

2. Before setting off check the brakes are working, tyres are hard and both front and back lights are in working order.

3. In wet conditions  reduce your speed and prepare to break sooner then in dry conditions.

4. It is advised to wear reflective or at least bright clothing in bad weather conditions and at specially at night.

5. The bike is designed for one passenger, no placing extra guests on board.

6. A cycling helmet is and highly recommended.

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Your liability when using the bikes

  1. You must adhere to the rules of the road.
  2. A minimum age of 14 years or a minimum height: 1.5M is required.
  3. Public liability insurance covering cycling related accidents is recommended.
  4. When returning your bike to a location, you must make sure that you have locked it correctly by hearing the signal (beep, beep) and the green light come on.
  5. Always use the anti-theft locking device if you are leaving the bike even for a few minutes. If you loose the bike you loose your Euro 150 security deposit.
  6. You must not keep any bike for longer than 24 hours, always return it to a station within 24 hours. If you fail to do so the guarantee of €150 will be debited from your credit card and the bike  will be reported as stolen or lost.
  7. Do not lend the bike or your subscription card or three day ticket to any other person as you will be help responsible for damage or loss. (The contract is with you and you alone and you are bound by the terms and conditions of use.


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Bike lanes

Dublin has added bikes lanes and paths to most roads and streets. You are advised to keep to theses were possible and avoid cycling on the foot paths as this annoys folks walking on them.

Some bikes lanes are in bad repair so care must be taken.

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Below are a few videos of the bikes

Around Dublin on a Dublin Bike

Dublin Bike stand

Bouncing around Dublin on a bike



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